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Contract Printed Circuit Board & Unit Assemblies

Designation of Battery Pack 

The designation of our battery pack is composed of four codes: 1 2 3 4  

Number of single Ni-Cd (T) or Ni-MH (H) cells in a pack .   
Example:  3T means three Ni-Cd cells in a pack  
              4H means four Ni-MH cells in a pack.

Model and capacity of single cell 
Example: AA 600 means the model of single cell is AA size and its capacity is 600 mAh.

Configuration of a battery pack




Direction of tabs / wires








If wire of connector is required, please advise the specification of wire and the connector model you need.
4T AA600 B P
Four Ni-Cd Single cells. Single cell of AA600 mAh

Cells arranged ina horizontal row.

Tabs / wires pointing at horizontally opposed direction.

1 2 3 4 


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