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Battery Handling Precautions

Carefully read this instruction manual before using TEIG batteries and follow the instruction on using TEIG  batteries. Failure to carefully observe the following procedures and precautions can result in leakage of battery fluid, permanently damage batteries, heat generation, bursting, fire and serious personal injury!

  • Never dispose of TEIG batteries in fire or heat them.
  • Never short circuit TEIG batteries.
  • Never disassemble, modify or reconstruct TEIG batteries.
  • Never solder lead wires directly on to TEIG  batteries.
  • Never deform, cover or obstruct the gas release vent.
  • Never directly connect TEIG batteries to a direct power source.
  • Never use batteries that are leaking, deformed, damaged or different from their normal conditions.
  • Only use specified chargers that meet TEIG's specifications.
  • Only use TEIG batteries on the equipment they are customized for.
  • Avoid sealed structures when TEIG batteries be used in an equipment or housed inside a case.
  • Do not apply water, sea water or other oxidizing agents to TEIG batteries.
  • Do not connect TEIG batteries in parallel or more than 20 batteries in series.
  • Do not remove the casing of TEIG batteries or damage it.
  • Do not strike or drop TEIG batteries.
  • Do not use old and new batteries mixed together or batteries at different charge level.
  • Do not use TEIG batteries together with any other battery types.
  • Do not hold TEIG batteries by their lead wires or connectors.
  • Do not charge TEIG batteries beyond the recommended time.
  • Do not charge or use TEIG batteries with the positive and negative terminals reversed.
  • Do not overcharge TEIG batteries over predetermined charging time by the battery charger's instructions or indicator.
  • When more than two batteries are to be used together, charge them simultaneously prior to use.
  • Children should use TEIG batteries only under guidance of their parents.
  • Store TEIG batteries in a dry place and within the recommended storage temperature range.
  • Clean TEIG battery terminals with a soft dry cloth only.
  • TEIG batteries contain the strong colorless alkaline solution. If user's eyes, skin or clothing comes in contact with fluid from the batteries, wash them thoroughly with clean water and consult a doctor immediately .



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